I’m a freelance writer, marketer and content creator. I spent ten years working in the cultural sector in London, before fleeing the country for a new life in Mexico. I’m a passionate traveller, and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to explore some of the most amazing places in Mexico during my time here. I write about travel, as well as working with brands, agencies and organisations around the world to create exciting, compelling content and develop amazing stories.

Check out my portfolio for some examples of my work, or take a look at my blog for a random and somewhat chaotic account of my time in Latin America. If you are lucky I will accidentally say something witty or profound, and the pictures are pretty.

If you’re interested in hiring me, I provide a range of writing services including content creation, copywriting and travel writing. I’ve worked with tech companies in Canada, design agencies in Turkey and airlines in the Middle East, and pretty much everything in between.

Drop me a line, tacos are not as cheap as I had been led to believe…