Check in

Is a blog still a blog if it never gets updated? Over the last few months I’ve been constantly frustrated with myself over my failure to write here. My main excuse has been that I’ve been immensely busy, but really that is no excuse at all. There’s always time to write something, or even just post a few photos. The real reason is that as I am currently writing so much more on a professional level, turning to yet more writing as an escape and a way to relax is no longer quite so freeing or relaxing!

This is all very ‘my diamond shoes are too tight and there’s no room in my wallet for my £50 notes’, of course. But still.

IMG_6042I’ve got about seven half started blogs, and hopefully I’ll be able to overcome my laziness and actually finish them soon. A trip to watch whales in Baja, and some thoughts about language and how it shapes attitudes are ones that I really want to finish.


But for now, I’ll just signpost the three of you who will read this to something else I’ve written, a piece about secret saints, a palace of postcards, and some of my favourite hidden spots in Mexico City.

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